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I was like, ‘Jesus Christ, what’s fucking happening?’ She knew something was wrong and steered the conversation away from me.

He was in his dressing-room for two hours unable to breathe and having a panic attack and people were going, ‘The little brat, he was off drinking or shagging someone…’” Does he agree with the former Manchester City and QPR footballer Joey Barton’s observation that Master B is “a smack addiction waiting to happen?

” “If I had a child it would be absolutely over my dead body that they’d be getting into this industry at 13.

At least they’d recognise the pitfalls having been through all of that themselves.” No gig where you’re judged almost entirely on your looks is an easy one!

“I’m in my early thirties and had problems dealing with anxiety.

They’re not photographers, they’re antagonists – that’s what their job is.