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Set to have both her debut album and single "Walk Away (Remember Me)" released in Australia on March 3, this striking R&B/Pop singer has already become one of the early artists featured in Nickelodeon's new platform ME: TV while also landing an appearance alongside Robert Downey "Live with Regis & Kelly" aired Friday, March 2.Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.

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In the video, De Anda can be seen applying make up and driving around in an Aston Martin, being chased continually by men.

She shows off her more sexual side for the first time in this video.

Im Alter von 13 Jahren veröffentlichte er sein erstes Album Beware of Dog.

Mit 16 nannte er sich letztendlich „Bow Wow“, um nicht mehr als der „kleine“ Newcomer im Hip-Hop-Geschäft zu gelten.

TRL mutes the word "gun" out of the video which interrupts the correct instrumental.


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