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In fact, what I talk about goes for men and for women. And I can tell you – they don’t walk around all day thinking about how they’re alpha. You can have your desires met without demanding them.What I’m advocating in this post is to identify behaviors masquerading as admirable traits. If you feel that you are attracting emotionally unavailable men to you, I suspect it could have to do with some of these behaviors. If you have any behaviors that could be construed as bullying, demanding, disagreeable or controlling, then you’ll do best to lay them to rest. And you can have compliance without intimidating the other person.Not because I think they're lying, but because I'm wondering about how well they know their own behavior.

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I bring this up because often times when a woman tells me she’s an “alpha female” or “strong independent woman,” alarm bells go off in my head.

Reason being: Now, I’m not saying all of this to accuse you of being these things.

Gorgeous men have been busting moves on me since I was a teenager.

Just about any woman in a club will get hit on by quite a few gorgeous men who want to take her home.

Yes, I'd feel intimidated and probably wouldn't talk to him unless it seemed impolite not to.


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