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“I think looking at what the person actually says is often a good indicator,” Wrecker states.

“I also find that sometimes individual responses on HARO might be red herrings, whereas looking at trends in the many responses might be a good thing to consider.” Photo credit: Felix Irmer New technologies can also be used in the verification process.

The individuals are connected post the event only when there’s a mutual match on the sheets.

Post the timed interaction, the house is opened for networking and interaction, and I saw people chatting up till late. Before making the event live on the internet, I remember calling up a very popular venue in CP, New Delhi, in December, only to hear a ‘no’ because they found the meet controversial and not suitable for the Indian crowd.

Menachem Wrecker, a writer and blogger at The Houston Chronicle says he was able to produce several dozen success stories thanks to HARO and a similar service called Reporter Connection.


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