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Buery will be tasked with the execution of it—no easy task considering the difficulty of securing enough space, in the right neighborhoods, to attract parents. Buery will also oversee the community school initiative, one of the central tenets of Mr. He’ll fill the role of Peter Ragone, who had a relentless focus on the long game and shaping the mayor’s legacy, but will bring the experience of running bumpy day-to-day press operations. Since then, her visible role in the administration has shrunk. Gresham was given a front row seat at his inauguration. Cuomo—ensuring the needs of health care workers won’t be ignored any time soon. And the state legislature is still considering raising the cap on non-union charter schools.

He’ll also be tasked with helping to find a replacement to lead the press office, which has undergone multiple shake-ups following his departure and remains without a press secretary. Robert Linn and Dean Fuleihan Budget Director and Director of Labor Relations They are the numbers dream team, the bespectacled men in suits on hand every time the mayor is getting into detail about the city’s cash. Fuleihan is the man responsible for laying out the city budget—balancing the mayor’s feel-good promises of progressive visions and honesty with hard numbers, plans for agency budget reductions, and tough-to-anticipate city revenue. Linn, meanwhile, has managed to settle the vast majority of the city’s outstanding labor contracts with relatively conservative deals funded by health care savings. While she once routinely attended press conferences and weighed in on appointments, Ms. As the leader of the largest union in the state, Mr. Nonetheless, he helms a labor organization of some 200,000 members, and possesses close ties to City Hall and to much of the city’s Assembly and State Senate delegation. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York The charismatic Catholic leader from St.

Few policies more closely affect everyday people—just ask any parent frustrated by standardized test prep. Fariña will also be tasked with finding a way to make specialized schools more diverse, helping to smooth over union outrage on teacher evaluations, and navigating the choppy waters between City Hall and charter schools—all while seeking to engage parents and teachers in a way Mr. The taciturn Bronxite was a relative nobody until January, when Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested on corruption charges. Silver, a top ally of the mayor, was forced to resign, paving the way for the election of Mr.

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But the Twitter-savvy speaker has charted her own course on certain issues, becoming a city leader on immigration reform and leading the charge to bolster the NYPD’s headcount. Anthony Shorris Deputy Mayor The man who runs the city on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s rare trips out of town, Mr.

Early fears that the efficiency of the sometimes-unwieldy 51-member body would suffer without the firm hand of Christine Quinn have been put to rest; Ms. Shorris is the city’s second-in-command, the most powerful guy whose name you probably don’t know.

With the Joker movie not being part of the DCEU, a release date remains uncertain.

Some publications are saying there will be a new DC banner for the film to be released under, no doubt signalling another rush of damn superhero movies to come.

Mark-Viverito to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. But his client list also includes some of the biggest real estate firms in city, like Two Trees and Forest City Ratner. As other top staffers like Larry Schwartz, Howard Glaser and Steven Cohen departed the Cuomo administration—if not Mr. Percoco is someone city officials are likely to turn to when they need to get something done. Emma Wolfe Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Ms.