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When people ponder Indian women they tend to think of them as highly conservative.

But remember, the Karma Sutra, literately the bible on sex for the last several thousand years, originates from India.

Generally there is no wooing or meeting before the marriage, however there is an exception if you are a foreigner looking to meet an Indian woman, in which case meeting online is usually the easiest way to get the ball rolling.

Within India parents and relatives have a lot of say over a woman and her relationship.

Indian culture tends to be much more conservative than western culture.


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    I enjoy a broad range of activities and listing them all would require too much room, so I will only mention some of them: photography and traveling (I would love to visit Paris and take some great pictures), outdoors activities (boating around a lake can be such a treat), working out (playing football makes me very, very happy) and shopping (I am a lady, first of all).

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    We never met the nun but there were plenty of stories about her.

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    It follows the brand's first appearance in the game last year.

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    After Lindros officially became property of the Flyers, he stated that he had been wary of playing for the Nordiques primarily because of what he called a "lack of winning spirit" in the organization.