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SMTP is used for sending email, and IMAP(or the older POP3)is used for downloading (taking off the Internet and putting on your computer) email.

Many different email programs exist , for desktops and mobile(i OS , Android , Windows Phone etc).

A progress bar will appear in the status bar or a window will come up with one so that you can know when it is finished.

If you are not (or if the button is called ‘Queue’) then the messages go into you Outbox until you check your mail.

To check your email(which is usually done automatically) (that is, to download new messages and send the ones in the outbox) click the ‘Check Mail’, ‘Send and Receive’ or other similar button.

Galveston Island's famous Seawall is as much a playground as it a protective barrier for the City against the ever changing tides of the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you enjoy biking, strolling or just people watching, the Seawall is the place to be!

If you are in the habit of bypassing the Seawall beaches because you've seen it get swallowed up when the tide is in, look again!