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[Cardiovascular Journal Africa 2014] However, unexpectedly, a low carbohydrate/high-fat diet did not produce leaner animals in the laboratory due to an increase in brown fat activation. [PLo S One June 13, 2012] But another study shows limitation of carbohydrates did improve brown fat volume. Indeed, adults with diabetes have been shown to choose foods that provide higher amounts of sugar and carbohydrates and lower in fat.[Nutrition Diabetes Feb 2014] And here is a striking fact: brown fat-positive subjects do not gain weight with advancing age!A previously overlooked type of fat in the body that generates heat and is associated with leanness is now being avidly investigated.

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[Obesity Sept 2011] Individuals with constitutional thinness, even at temperature-neutral conditions, have a 16.7 times greater glucose uptake in brown fat compared with normal weight control individuals.

[Journal Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism March 2013] Cold temperature, iron and lack of iron deficiency, insulin that facilitates iron availability, thyroid hormone and norepinephrine, an adrenal stress hormone, are involved in the conversion of white fat to brown fat as well as the activation of brown fat to produce heat. This is because cold temperature increases metabolic activity and brown fat uptake of sugar (glucose from the liver) is 10-15 times higher in cold versus normal room temperature.

[Current Diabetes Reports April 2010] Brown fat is more commonly detected in women and in younger and leaner individuals.

It is now believed that brown fat can be activated to manage body weight.

In fact, brown fat is not just beneficial for the waistline.