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The woman can tell he listens well because he later makes references to things she has told him in conversation.

As a husband, the sensitive guy shows his love and appreciation for his wife in ways both big (the occasional romantic vacation, a gift from her favorite store) or small (offering to cook her dinner when she is tired, encouraging her to get some social time with her girlfriends).

• He is a team player in all facets of his life, including work, his relationships, and his friendships.

• He doesn’t have a big ego or need to be seen as the smartest, most attractive, or most interesting man in the room. • When it comes to making social plans, the sensitive guy strikes a balance between doing what he wants and doing what others want.

Sensitivity is a crucial trait because relationships are complex, and they can become problematic if one or both members of a couple stop communicating, stay angry, or play the blame game.


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