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In the “Device” section of the “Settings” screen, touch “Apps.” There are three sections of the Apps screen: “Downloaded,” “Running,” and “All”.

Swipe the headings to the right or left to move among the sections.

In an ideal world, this wouldn't be an issue – but this isn't an ideal world, and upgrading Windows is never as straightforward as Microsoft would have you believe.

For the most part, Windows updates happen silently in the background, only installing after a prompt or when you shutdown your PC.

No dialog box displays; the size of the cache above the “Clear cache” button decreases.

Some apps with Google Drive integration store files on your device to improve performance and allow you to use the apps offline.

To clear these files, touch the “Clear” button under “Local Drive storage.” The “Clear all data” dialog box displays warning you about deleting these files.


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