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DAYTONA BEACH — A burglary ring that mainly targeted its victims through the gay male dating mobile app Grindr has been dismantled,the ringleaders caught,andmore arrests and charges are forthcoming,the State Attorney's Office and police said Thursday.Assistant State Attorney Kevin Sullivan and Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said at least16 burglaries occurred over the last eight to 10 months in Volusia County and at least one incident in Flagler County.

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Once there, the suspector another member of the ring would come up witha pretense to get the victim out of the house, Sullivan and Chitwood said.

Court records show Tuebner has at least 19 charges lodged against him.

Aside from being burglarized, Chitwood said the victims wererisking their safety."The dangerous thing about this is that you’re meeting someone on a website and you'rebringing that person into your home," Chitwood said.