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And so I shopped around in UK, all were very expensive. After a huge amount of research and due diligence I contacted the Dr. References - Other patients were contacted all saying how amazing. Motiwala were, and the entire process managed by Tasneem.

A friend mentioned that she used an Indian dental practice. The fitting of the Implants was entirely painless and only mild discomfort in the next few days.

Some were offering an "all on four" solution, neither option was what I wanted.

After nearly two years of researching the internet looking for other implant solutions I kept coming back to the web site of the Dr. The website offered permanent teeth in only 3 days and by using Pterygoid implants, stated that bone grafts and sinus lifts would not be required and the end result would be as near as possible to me having a full set of natural teeth. Motiwala and his co-ordinator Tasneem followed and these always resulted in all of my questions being answered satisfactorily and so, although slightly nervous, I travelled on my own to Hyderabad from the UK.

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