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If your using broadband you should be able to view one cam continuously without problems at all times providing the person that your viewing is not sharing their cam with many people as this will slow their cam down.

You need to remember that the results are limited by your internet speed and the speed of the people you are trying to watch or listen to.

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Welcome to our free chat rooms webcam chat faq help page.

Here you can find the solution of your webcam problems or to find some answers regarding the use of our webcam chat rooms.

If this is happened, your AV streams might still online and didnt froze at all so you dont have to log out , all you have to do is just stopped your av stream and refresh it by click the little cam button to turn it off then press it again to turn it on.

Second : If the problem happen when you first entered the chat room and at the right bottom corner you got a message says : AV connections rejected , all you have to do is log out and try to log in again with a new internet browser and clear the cache.

To install our latest Flash software you can go to front page and you can download for free.


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    This plugin is required to be installed in IE for accessing You Tube.

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