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I don't suppose you know the number for the Ordinance survey? Inheriting £80 million doesn't mean much when you have a weak heart...

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Take a look at a roomful of Jamaicans enjoying a night out and you might easily think this is one of the most free, open societies on the planet, what with the downright sexiness of the dancing and the frankness of the chat-up lines.

But the party scene is just one aspect of Jamaican culture, and the society as a whole is actually pretty conservative.

To celebrate a new university year, and all that means in terms of the flirting and the kissing, the birds and the bees, we've stretched the concept of Thrifty Fun (well flirting is free...) and compiled 69 chat up lines that are especially suited for student use.

These aren't just for boys, girls can use them too.

For women travelling solo, Jamaica can be hard work until you get used to the constant male attention.


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