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I should add, the problems started shortly after I tightened the chain. I have had for a wee while an intermittent issue with the petrol tank venting.

she sometimes hums at me and odd time i get a rush of air when i pop the top.

So the bike for a week or two and now that the weather has got very cold, I'm wondering if its OK to ride the bike to work etc (m50) or will the cold upset my body reactions etc.

Also, I've fuill rst 2pc leathers.....this good for winter or will I likely need more winter focused gear? I've been caged so far this week going to work (away last week and havnt picked the bike from my mam's yet) but notice the m50 is like a fuckin car park at rush hour. Plus being darker makes it hard to stand out in a sea of car lights. Cheers lads and lassies Is there anywhere in Ireland where you can try on bell helmets? Imo the bell star helmets are one of the best you can get overall.

Hi Folks, Pulled into applegreen tonite, only one at pumps, try to put fuel in bike but no action...notice three attendants looking out doin fuck all,,,eventually an attendant comes out, says theres a problem...their policy is not to turn on fuel when person sitting on bike or when their helmets on....i said"oh right, so ye dont trust bikers....


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    It also alleged Tang had abused his power to award contracts worth more than one million yuan (HK.26 million) to a company co-founded by his wife.

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