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This is called brooding and the heaters are referred to as brooders.

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For example, one company grows out only male chickens in one area, allowing its operations and processing plant in that area to be geared up specifically for larger birds, while sending female chicks to another area.

For the first two days of the flock’s life, the shed temperature is held at 31 - 32ºC, the optimum temperature for baby chick comfort, health and survival.

For further information on what chickens are fed, see Feed.

The chickens have adequate lighting to see by and to find feed and water, with dark periods each day to allow them to rest.

Although the remains of yolk sac taken into its abdomen at hatching contains nutrients and moisture to sustain the chick for up to 72 hours, it is important that chicks receive warmth, feed and water within a reasonable time of hatching.