Fab dating

Some experts put this down to oxytocin (often described as ‘the bonding hormone’).

They say that when we have happy and loving sex, this boosts the amount of oxytocin in our blood streams, which not only helps us feel close to our partners, but it also combats stress chemicals – such as cortisol.

We tend to have wider social circles than our mothers and grandmothers.

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And lots of SWOFties are seeking new partners and reigniting their love lives.

Isn’t it great that so many of us of ‘a certain age’ are up for sex?

This will give you confidence that everything is working and that you’re capable of feeling aroused.

Lubrication, this is something you’ll almost certainly need. Apparently, lesbian couples buy lube by the bucketful.

Still, you may want to consider whether you’re making the best of your assets.