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When she was given the all-clear she pledged to raise funds for Spinal Injuries Association by running the London Marathon.

Twin sister Alison, a Clinical Teacher in Equine Orthopaedics at University of Liverpool, vowed to join her, every step of the way.

The twins have motivated each other to carry on despite incurring multiple injuries between them, including a tibial stress fracture, achilles tendonitis and multiple pulled muscles.

Horse rides as short as one hour in length are available right outside Big Bend National Park in Study Butte.

For the more adventurous trips from 3 hours to multi-day camping trips are available in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

1-800-887-4331 or local 371-3064 Lajitas Stables, TX 170, 3 miles west of Lajitas in Big Bend Ranch State Park 1-800-887-4331 or local 371-3064 Equestrian Center at Lajitas Resort and Spa, TX 170 approx 17 miles west of junction TX 170 and TX 118,432-424-5190 Some operators may stable horses overnight for those who bring their own.

Big Bend National Park has limited facilities for private horses inside the park, check out Horse Rules for the latest info.

Local Outfitters offer rides from two hours to several days in length.


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