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Scotland has its own qualification framework that is separate from the one set for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but each one is recognised around the UK.

England and Wales follow the National Curriculum (with the exception of the Foundation Phase in Wales), Northern Ireland follows the Northern Ireland Curriculum and Scotland follows the Curriculum for Excellence (also known as the Cf E) for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

Visit our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter Recent Articles In Praise of Beethoven Arthur C Clarke - A Very Modern Odyssey Tackling Private Landlords Investigating the Value Form The Eternal Dark Heart of Empire If You Build Them, They Will Come Begun under Labour, continued under the SNP,the Curriculum for Excellence Cf E) – spun as a radical and progressive reform – continues to cause massive concern amongst teachers and parents.

Teacher Liz Walker has offered to try and get her head around it for The Point in an updated article first published by Democratic Green Socialist Against a backdrop of pay freezes, changes to pensions which will make us pay more, work longer and get less, cut backs in staffing and in school budgets teachers are expected to cheerfully implement the Curriculum For Excellence [ Cf E ].

I have attended in service Cf E days and discussed the implications of Cf E with colleagues in my department and others in other subjects.


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