Live chat pay by phone bill - Dwt file not updating

To quote the help in Expression Web: "Both master pages and Dynamic Web Templates allow you to create a consistent layout that can easily be updated in all the pages in your site. NET files, use master pages to define a consistent look with shared content across pages.

Then right click and choose Manage Editable Regions the Editable Regions dialog box will appear.

View Screenshot - Fig 2 - Editable Regions NOTE: If you do not select an element, the element preceding the location of the cursor will be defined as the editable region.

So you must save it to a notepad file, attach the dwt to a page, and then reinsert your script, thereafter it will be applied to any subsequent attachments.

Put the following code around your scripts in the head tag. Using these menus with a dwt saves you a lot of time.

There are issues however be sure to see the * Troubleshooting section.