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The first occurred in 1822 over the issue of Hopkinsism; the resulting denomination called itself the True Dutch Reformed Church (TDRC).

The second involved immigrant congregations in Michigan; after joining the RCA in 1850, four of these congregations left the fold in 1857 and began the Christian Reformed Church.

The people of the Netherlands have never been an emigrating people. Yet some Dutch did come to North America, first establishing the colony of New Netherland (until the British conquest in 1664); later planting kolonies in western Michigan and Iowa (c. Still, the 19th-century peak Dutch immigration (1881-93) saw less than 10,000 Netherlanders arrive each year, compared to hundreds of thousands of Germans, British, and other Europeans.

Having strong ties to their land and to one another, the Dutch have always reflected long and hard before emigrating. With the advent of immigration restrictions, the already small influx was further reduced.

As in New France, the English did not actively discourage the religion of the conquered inhabitants.