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He is more stable in life Professionally as well as emotionally, an older man is more likely to have achieved stability as compared to a younger guy who is still experimenting with careers and relationships.You can reasonably expect an older guy to have put the wild days of wine and women behind them and now be more receptive to the calm and stability that people look for in relationships.Young people obsessed with making good often forget to relish what they already have – the present.

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After all as the wonderful song by Aaliyah goes, ‘age ain't nothing but a number’.

Realizing your new boyfriend is just a few years younger than your father is a harsh reality.

This is a huge advantage as compared to younger men who are forever getting jealous of your mingling with other men or expecting their fragile egos to be massaged every now and then.

An older and more mature man is less likely to be affected by petty concerns and ego-hassles.

A celebrity example of such a marriage would be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. One of the biggest disadvantages of marrying an older man is supposed to be an unhappy sex life or a lack of sexual attraction.


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