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“I guess that’s because of our products,” laughs Michael.In Okinawa you can buy Hawaiian shirts with prints of tins of Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat all over them, and Stig shows me a photo of a t-shirt he found in the airport with a picture of a pig with a cross through it saying “No", and underneath a picture of Pork Luncheon Meat with a big tick next to it saying “Yes”.

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A cultural icon worthy of ridicule by Monty Python in the 60s, and the moniker given to one of the biggest pests of the information age, this brand of humble meat-in-a-tin was the renowned - if rarely proudly eaten - household name when I was growing up in England in the 80s.

We think it is a really good product.""Even though the cans are not so sexy,” points out Stig."I think they are,” replies Michael.

Our idea of industrial scale food production, especially when it comes to meat, is a complicated one. “Do you really have to eat it straight from the tin? With a sense of relief, on goes the cling film; into the fridge the Pork Luncheon Meat disappears. Disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated to Tulip or its sister company, Danish Crown.

"One of our export consultants went on a boat trip up the Amazon River, and sometimes there are small piers where you buy gas for your boat. Around the world there is a perception that at Tulip we have world-class standards regarding food safety, and people know that it is high quality meat.


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