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Lampblack, or powdered carbon, which reflects less than 2% of the radiation falling on it, crudely approximates an ideal blackbody; a material consisting of a..... Luminescence is caused by the movement of electrons within a substance from more energetic states to less energetic states.

There are many types of luminescence, including chemiluminescence, produced by certain chemical reactions, chiefly oxidations, at low temperatures; electroluminescence, produced by electric discharges, which may appear when silk or fur is stroked or when adhesive surfaces are separated; and triboluminescence, produced by rubbing or crushing crystals.

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When the luminescent chemical reaction occurs in a living system, such as in the glow of the firefly, the emission is called bioluminescence.

In the foregoing two examples part of the energy of a chemical reaction is converted into light.

If the luminescence is caused by absorption of some form of radiant energy, such as ultraviolet radiation or X rays (or by some other form of energy, such as mechanical pressure), and ceases as soon as (or very shortly after) the radiation causing it ceases, then it is known as fluorescencefluorescence, luminescence in which light of a visible color is emitted from a substance under stimulation or excitation by light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation or by certain other means......

phosphorescence, luminescence produced by certain substances after absorbing radiant energy or other types of energy.

There are also types of luminescence that are initiated by the flow of some form of energy into the body from the outside.