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Q: Would an antique serial number range gun be worth more than an otherwise identical gun made just a few years later?

A: Pre-1899 production guns now bring a 20 to 60% premium over identical condition guns made AFTER 1898.

I have considered for a while now whether to include second hand and consigned guns sold by VL&D and A&F in the research listings.

The disadvantage is that a Used Gun listing doesn’t suggest a manufacture date or the name of the original purchaser or the original physical specifications.

For the time being at least, pre-1899 are completely EXEMPT from all federal laws. All the dealer has to do is log the gun out as: "Inadvertent entry. No FFL required." (If the dealer gives you any grief and insists on the yellow form, a call to any ATF branch office will confirm this.) Q: Will the prices of pre-1899s continue to go up?