Dating vintage zippo lighters who are the property brothers dating

(You can learn more the dating code here.) Also stamped on the bottom of every Zippo lighter is the town where it was made—Bradford, PA. You see, there was a period when Zippo operated a factory in Canada (tax purposes), and lighters that came from that factory were stamped with “Niagara Falls, Ontario,” in place of “Bradford, Pennsylvania.” Since Zippo Canada’s production wasn’t close to that of Zippo USA, a Zippo from the land of poutine is a must-have for any serious collector. And this trend goes on, with small runs and new designs.

Today, Zippo’s design center comes up with 30 new creations every year.

In 1952, GE received Zippo lighters that looked like Ultra-Vision televisions, which some customers received when they bought the TV set.

These high-ticket orders produced some of the most desirable lighters the company ever made.

While the marks have changed over time, the system makes dating a Zippo very easy.