what to expect dating someone with bipolar disorder - Dating someone better looking than you

Although it did become an issue towards the end; he became insecure and always assumed that guys were hitting on me. Actually it was the fact that he didn't work for two years, and was content to let me pay all the bills, that made me lose interest eventually.

I don't care if you work at a convenience store for minimum wage, but have enough respect for me to do SOMETHING.

I finally gave in, but was very clear with her that it was and always would be entirely physical, and nothing beyond that (aside from looks, she wasn't mentally or emotionally my type). I'm currently married to a woman who is way more attractive than I. My first boyfriend was much better looking than I was (or am).

We were together for about 4 years, then I went abroad for a year, then we were together again for about 6 months.

I wouldn't date either of them again but I have no regrets.


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    We met through an ex boyfriend who had introduced us. I just thought you was a hoe, you just nasty, you just had to get it when you wanted to get it and give an excuse on why you getting it.

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