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The site also provides a rapidly growing outlet for Christian music artists to reach their fans.

The online gathering of thousands of believers has provided the appropriate environment for artists like Sonic Flood, Chris Rice, Darlene Zschech, Hillsong United, and a host of other Christian bands and artists. We are looking forward to watching the community grow and serve as an outlet for our artists and their ministry," says Amy Eubanks, Director of New Media at INO Records.

I WANTED THEM TO DELETE THE POSTING SO THAT I DO NOT RECEIVE SO MANY EMAILS FROM PEOPLE I DO NOT KNOW. IN FACT, THEY LIKE THAT I AM GETTING THESE EMAILS BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKING MONEY FROM THEM. READ: Foreign websites steal our content First off i would like to say, IF you signed up for myspace you need to set ur options not to recieve emails to your personal email account, there isnt much you can do about people emailng you on myspace, other then blocking certian people.

I HAVE REPORTED THIS COMPANY TO THE BEVERLY HILLS DISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICE AND THEY ARE BEING INVESTIGATED. Futhermore, I have been a memeber of myspace for two years now, have my options set that i do not need informed when there is a new message, post etc. I dont know what you so pissed about set your options, or delete your account. YOu can physically mark each message you recieve as SPAM OR BLOCK USER dont you see that in the corner, or each message?

Note: do not bid if you are just gonna edit already made some scripts or themes . The dating website gives the functionality for people to meet each other, send message and search for new friends. As much details as you need in private chat Times: 6pm - 11pm ( Central Standard Time ) - Wednesday thru Sunday I need a spanish speaking (preferably someone Colombian) who can message women for me online, as I am too busy to do so.


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    Some have even turned their online friendships into in-person relationships.