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(He's the one wearing the black t-shirt.) Certain things disqualify you from wearing long hair well (receeding hairline; thin hair; inability to keep it neat, trimmed, and conditioned), but for the most part, men with long hair will definitely turn my head.

There was this guy in my motorcycle class who had dark long gorgeous hair, blue eyes, supurb manners, and an australian accent. Dreds are cool on the right person, but you have to really wear it with confidence to pull it off. Oh, and long hair being sloppy is COMPLETELY dependant on how you wear it.

My husband wears it very very well, and I have a hard time imagining what he is going to look like with a traditional 'do. Secondly, very, very, very rarely do men take care of their long hair properly, so it always looks ratty and disgusting.

If I had my way all men would have haircuts like Roman legionaries.

Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham yesterday released a campaign video that included a snap of him blessed with cascading, anti-Westminster locks.


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