Dating for cancer survivor

Here is the exact page: Rebound - Does Fear of Being Single Drive Your Behavior?So what I'm saying here is that it might be best for you to get out, and experience more of the world before settling down with this woman (or any other).Maybe that relationship did not work out because of her problem? Spreading good karma as you are will pay you dividends in the future - or so I believe.

What I can tell you as a fellow midlife bachelor is - all women out there typically have some sort of issue ... If you REALLY LIKE this woman, then stay the course - and see how things progress.

It is possible that you and her could work out - and get past this issue.

- stay the course with her if and only if you REALLY FEEL seriously connected to her, but recognize that you, yourself, are in a REBOUND situation - and in that case, you might consider not getting tied down too quickly, and maybe dating a number of different types of women so that you can really see what is out there.

You owe that to yourself at this point in your life.

But that doesn't lessen the human need for love and romance.