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Teachers: If you'd like a printable version of this guide, download the PDF attachment at the bottom of this page. He received the Aventis Prize for Science writing in 2004 and the Descartes Prize for science communication in 2005 for A Short History of Nearly Everything.

About this book In his introduction, Bill Bryson states “This is a book about how we went from there being nothing at all to there being something.” A Short History of Nearly Everything is a book about how science works, and how scientists know what they know. About the Guide Writer Cindy Maris has a Ph D in Chemical Oceanography and has been teaching High School and AP Chemistry for 15 years.

What's wrong with the picture of the solar system in most textbooks? What does a comet from the Oort cloud have to do with Manson, Iowa?

This is what Evans can do to find a new supernova (except on a parking lot full of tablecloths! What is a supernova and why are they important to us?

Chapter 3 Analogy or Demonstration: Scatter salt on a tablecloth, then change one.