Dating eve midsummers

The Midsummer Eve celebrations have been occurring since pre-Christian times.

Enjoy an evening with your family in nature with bonfire along the beach, in the woods or e.g. The Danish celebration of Midsummer Eve started as the heathen celebration of midsummer with the many old traditions.

Later on it became a celebration of the sacred saint John, in Danish called Hans and thus the Danish word for Midsummer Eve - Sankt Hans or Sct. Therefore the celebration always is on the evening of 23 June which is the day before sct. Today Midsummer Eve in Denmark is typically celebrated with a Midsummer Eve bonfire with the burning of a figure as a witch, a speech and the singing of the song Midsommervisen - a Danish song written by the Danish poet Holger Drachmann.

The play concerns fairies, spirits and dreams on the night before Midsummer, and the romantic intrigues the fairies instigate.

Performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream are often staged on Midsummer Night in theaters across England. Louise Carr has been writing and editing for consumer and business media since 2000.

The circle of stones is normally off-limits to the public, but owners English Heritage allow managed access to Stonehenge for the Midsummer Night celebrations.


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