Dating aquarius expect

If you are giving her perfume, choose a fragrance that has depth and character--it could have a hint of spice or be a new, modern blen d.(One thing is certain, your grandmother`s sweet rose or lily of the valley just isn`t her style).

Saturday, November 11, 2017 - Sunday, November 12, 2017Saturday’s agenda: rolling in the deep.

A rare trine between structured Saturn and transformative Uranus in your most intimate and mystical houses opens up your channels of intuition and helps you mine deep feelings. That’s how you’ll hear what people are REALLY saying through their jumble of words.

If your mojo’s in slow-mo, spend the day pampering yourself.

The fashion muse is in the house, so treat yourself to something luxurious AND practical.

Aries, the lover of risk and adventure, is apt to enjoy activities with you that could include hang gliding, bungee jumping or car racing. Use this to turn his mind away from everyday business matters and focus on you.