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It's followed by "Father's Song," the piano meditation written, or in any case co-written, by Prince's dad, John Nelson.

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"Katrina's Paper Dolls," meanwhile, is something of a mystery, sketching a story of a lonely girl who stays home and makes her own company, literally.

It might be about Prince's protégée Vanity (real name Denise Katrina Matthews) of Vanity 6.

Nevertheless, it's a fabulously crisp mix of one of modern pop's greatest LPs.

Details sparkle: the string flourishes on "Take Me With You" and "Purple Rain"; the finger-snap on "When Doves Cry," just after dude coos about "you and I engaged in a kiss"; the actual kiss around the three-minute mark of "Baby I'm a Star."The bonus disc titled From the Vault & Previously Unreleased opens with "The Dance Electric," an apocalyptic 11-minute party jam with a churning machine-funk groove and Syndrum sequences that mirror West African talking-drum salvos.

It is a scrapbook where every year your record what you did on your anniversary.


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