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I wore compression shorts to make sure nothing was bouncing around when exercising and was very careful. I love our kids and [am] happy with our family size. It was an easy procedure and I am happy with the results. I knew basically everything there was to know about it. My wife told me it would be fine but any time there is any type of procedure “down there,” most guys get a little nervous. I didn't feel anything but I was surprised by the smell. So, I've told my wife that when we've reached a certain annual income threshold, I'll get it reversed if she still wants another one because then I'll know my career can run itself and the family won't suffer. There's no barrier between me and her, which of course, feels a lot better — both physically and emotionally.Man B: Nope, our kids are almost 2 and 5 years old, and we couldn’t be any happier with them. Man C: No, I don't have plans to have any more children so I would never get my vasectomy reversed. We figure that since we're open to the idea of having kids now anyway and may reverse the vasectomy in the future, if it happens, it happens.I had sex after two weeks, and yes, I was nervous, and we were careful.

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" No birth control is foolproof and we have a lot of sex. My wife has sensitive skin and would have issues when she was on certain types of birth control, and I didn’t want to use condoms because they are not fun. We had our first child at 30, second child at 31, and third child at 33. She didn't especially want to be in the room during the procedure.

I decided to get a vasectomy because we were finished having children. I think she wanted to operate on someone else while it was happening.

I'm a safe date.""Yeah, well, it happens to some people. With two kids under 3 years old, Andrea and Tony had made sure they'd only have two kids. Still, about six months later, Andrea felt "that way." Andrea countered, "You might think you're a safe date but do we know for sure? You never took your post-vasectomy sperm sample in to the doctor to make sure. Do the deed, dude."I've had patients come in with vasectomy and tubal ligation babies. I know that isn't the case for every woman who finds herself feeling "that way" again; when they don't want and don't have the resources emotionally, financially or socially to raise any more children. This Fit Pregnancy blog is intended for educational purposes only.

"After all the poking and prodding I went through during the pregnancies, not to mention the births, I don't feel much of your pain over one little sample. She'd had a tubal ligation, he'd had a vasectomy and still... I consider myself the luckiest woman alive to have the privilege of raising all these lovely babies. E-mail it to [email protected] it may be answered in a future blog post.

From about three weeks until the seven-month mark, she was hopelessly ill.