online dating nightmare custody battle - Dating a paranoid person

Recently, he has been showing signs of paranoia, thinking that the doctors are drugging him and that there is a conspiracy against him.

This paranoia is influencing him not to take his medication or see a doctor.

It's something that can't be controlled and it can be very overwhelming for both parties.

As best I can tell from your short letter, you might fit into the latter category.

As to how to remediate the condition, you might perhaps profit from a group psychotherapy experience.

Different forms and presentations of depression are best addressed using different treatments (different combinations of medication and/or psychotherapy) for optimal results.

The proper course of action is to get your relative back to see the doctor so that the doctor knows about the paranoia symptoms in addition to the depressed mood symptoms. Your relative may view such a re-assessment as part of a plot to harm him, but this sort of thinking needs to be challenged so that you all stay with reality as best as possible and not give in to what is patently wrong.

A close family member has been diagnosed with depression.