Dating a man with bad credit

Just out of curiosity, though, I sometimes wonder how different my life would be had I stayed. Even worse, I would have missed out on life with my amazing husband and our two beautiful children.

From a distance, he appeared to have his life together – he had his own apartment, a car that was paid off, and a job. Unfortunately, I found the poor guy couldn’t balance his checkbook to save his life.

And his credit was absolutely ruined, with tens of thousands of dollars of outstanding debt and collections agencies involved. Well, he quit at least six different jobs during the time we dated – mostly because he didn’t want to go, or because he had a bad day and didn’t really feel like going back.

While it’s one thing to live on an average or less-than-average income, constantly struggling to make ends meet due to poor choices is an entirely different animal.

From Valerie’s experience, and the experiences of others she shares in , it appears the key is knowing all of the dirty details ahead of time.

According to Rind, her fumble was not asking enough questions ahead of time.