Clove oil and sedating koi

You may need to hold the fish for a little while in an area where fresh water is moving through its gills (e.g.

Clove oil and sedating koi

If the fish doesn't roll over in 5 minutes, then add another drop per gallon (shake it up in water before adding).

You need to WATCH the anesthetic process and the fish!

Emulsification: You have to emulsify the anesthetic.

Simply place the required number of drops of Clove oil into the ziploc bag or jar with a little bit of the bucket water, cap it, shake it until it becomes a whitish fluid, then pour this emulsion into the bucket with the fish. The fish should be asleep in about seven to ten minutes. Sometimes it takes more or less depending upon temperature. When the fish turns over on its side and gill movements slow, remove it from the solution, perform the planned procedure.

You can begin the handling and other procedure when the fish is still slightly active, but not actually capable of struggling when picked up.


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