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Yang (28), said he agreed it could be completely made up: "People can artificially build up fantastic images of themselves and develop virtual relationships online, but these aren't helpful in reality," he said.Protecting personal data that accurate was another major concern among female interviewees, with some suspecting their information wouldn't be safe in dating sites' hands. They care about a woman's age—even old men prefer young women." Meanwhile, among men we found the suspicion that the women who do use dating sites "are either not attractive…While some online users have questioned Tang's ethical standards in light of the accusations, many more say the timing suggests it's an attempt by Net Ease to wreck Momo's initial public offering.

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These labels arose in part from the general expectation in much of China that the proper age for marriage falls between 25 and 27-years-old, though this may be moderating somewhat in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Even so, officialdom has tacitly approved the term ‘leftover women,’ officially defined in 2007 as one of 171 new words that year by the education ministry as those who are single and over the age of 27.

for four years before moving to Hong Kong to study journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University. " data-title="Chris Luo" data-html="true" data-template=" Allegations of misconduct against a former employee just 40 hours before his new venture was due to list on the Nasdaq have created a media backlash against Net Ease - China's fifth-largest internet firm by market value.

Momo said Tang would "vigorously defend himself" against the allegations, but declined further comment citing a "silent period" mandated by US laws.

And based on the only partial disclosure of such sites' performance statistics, it is also reasonable to be skeptical about whether mainland match-making sites are really meeting Chinese customers' needs.