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To rise from "prospect" to "full patch" you will need to impress someone, usually a balding, pot-bellied old man who can no longer remember how he got here, who has killed no one and who has done almost nothing illegal because he has idiots like you to do that for him. When you get your cuts, the center patch will be the somewhat mundane skull (wow, really imaginative) being gobbled up by a wing that looks something like an eagles beak (kindergarten graphics, course one-oh-nothing), flanked by a "Hells Angels" banner above, and a banner showing your particular local affiliation below. To get more patches (they are endless and are invented to keep you happy and productive), you need only beat up an old woman, score a large drug deal, figure out how to reload a Glock 19, sell your 16 year old daughter to a UC, or whatever it takes.The Hells Angels thing is a dying thing; like the Sicilian Mafia of the 20's / 30's they are nearly gone.Chianna Bono, the I Got You Babe hitmaker's 21-year-old daughter with Republican U. The former 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant - who split from fiancee Jennifer Elias in December - is ready to start dating again...

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A member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang filed a lawsuit Wednesday in New York to overturn a federal parole condition that forbids him to associate with outlaw biker clubs following his release from prison.

Hell's Angels member John Lo Franco was released from prison in 1994 after serving nine years of a 23-year sentence on a narcotics conspiracy conviction.

The pop diva found it hard to adjust when Chastity - her child with her ex-husband, the late Sonny Bono - began gender reassignment operations in... The former 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant - who was born a girl named Chastity and began gender reassignment treatment in 2008 - reportedly approached the weight loss...

Cher is reportedly going to marry a former Hells Angel biker.

As a condition of his his parole, he was ordered to 'not associate with or ride motorcycles with any members, prospect, or associate member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang or any other outlaw motorcycle gang.' Civil rights lawyer Ron Kuby says the clause is becoming a standard for federal parolees and is unconstitutional.