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This means that they're secured against your home or another significant asset.

Because lenders have this extra level of security they're able to offer more attractive rates.

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Depending on your circumstances there are a number of alternatives to think about before opting for a debt consolidation loan.

If you have debt and savings it's almost always the case that you're paying a higher rate of interest on the money you owe than you're getting paid on the money you're in credit.

What's more, if you apply for a loan that you find appealing and get rejected, this will leave a mark on credit files and lenders may use this to lower your credit scores further.

That's why it makes sense to make a soft search (which may be referred to as a 'smart search') for loans before applying.

Before consolidating, you should note that some lenders may charge exit fees or early redemption charges if you repay ahead of schedule.