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Until then we had Helen cooking, her boyfriend somewhat flirting with another woman, Mr. This show was murderously paced, with nice but unexciting performances (basically because the actors didn't have much to work with).

Lycett walking around town, Rose and her new policeman boyfriend - until finally everything came together. A British mystery-suspense series is something special to us in America anyway - Poirot, MI5, Rumpole, Inspector Morse, Endeavor - foisting something like this on us is a disappointment.

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Decades before Facebook and Google, there was Compu Serve.

Once the darling of the computer world — making Columbus, not Silicon Valley, the center of the tech world — Compu Serve suffered through a series of takeovers and today lives in the shadows.

"But after about five years, I felt we were starting to fall behind because the stock options were with H&R Block and that wasn't sexy enough for recruiting.

So I suggested we spin off the company — and I was told, 'In the future, but not now.'" "I think Henry Block didn't want to dilute his ownership share," Lambert said.

Lycett is obsessed with the daughter he 'lost' many years before when his wife and child left him without warning.