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Vetting profiles to no avail can be disheartening, especially if you're new to the game, and that's where Tinder 'Liker' apps come in handy.

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These are the best Tinder alternatives (and a nod to our favourite Tinder add-on).

How I Used Tinder to Travel the World Another annoying thing about Tinder is that actually arranging a date can take ages.

Unlike most technologies that are gushed about, Tinder can genuinely lay claim to having had a disruptive impact and its popularity is easy to understand (despite what we now think of it).

Free to use and with a UI that's simple to the point of remedial, its rapid-fire approach to matchmaking has since been aped by numerous developers, while online dating's gentrification has continued apace. Whether you're looking for love or just a casual fling, there's plenty of competition around.

Between matching with someone, completing the obligatory ''is this person a stalker?


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