Charlotte casiraghi dating now

Charlotte Casiraghi welcomed a baby boy, Raphael, yesterday, giving Monaco a new royal baby.

This Summer, news broke that Charlotte was expecting a baby with her 42-year-old boyfriend, popular French Moroccan-born comedian Gad Elmaleh.

From December 2011, she has been dating Gad Elmaleh.

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She and her partner, Gad Elmaleh welcomed their first child together on 17th of December and it was a son and they named him Raphaël Elmaleh.

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She has also done several Global Champions Tours and for that she appeared in television show Stade 2.

Edit She has also done several internship at the The Independent newspaper of London. In 2009, she joined Above magazine and began working there as editor-at-large.

In 2006, for her appearance in that gate up, she got her name in International Best Dressed List.