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While these rumors are yet to be confirmed, the man behind the first three movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise certainly has the potential to lift this project off the ground.Also, rumors suggested that Daniel Craig could star in the Gambit movie as Mr Sinister, a comic book villain previously alluded to in the end credits of X-Men: Apocalypse.

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Those who fear that Tatum will also struggle nailing the Cajun's accent need not worry as, like the character, his father also hails from New Orleans.

Recent rumors suggest that Tatum may have jumped ship and taken on a role for distinguished competitor DC, but he's put far too much time and effort into this project to leave now.

Producer Simon Kinberg remains adamant that Gambit will one day see the light of day, and Channing Tatum is still on board to star in the title role.

Despite the flurry of news we've recently received, it's unlike we'll see a Gambit 2017 release date.

Until production officially begins, you're more likely to find five Kings in a pack of cards then see a Gambit trailer online.


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    Appearing with Andy Samberg, Page is shown coming back home from a Melissa Etheridge concert, completely awe-struck by the experience.