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I’m often asked “What is a good spiritual meditation for beginners? ” So I’d like to share with you the methods I’ve used and taught others that are not only easy, but most effective in assisting us to slow down, focus within, and become aware of our own inner, alive Presence, the source of all true healing.I think you’ll find something helpful here, whether you’re just beginning meditation or have been meditating for years. The biggest benefit by far is that when we slow down, unplug from the frenetic energy of the outer world and focus within, a doorway of perception opens into Stillness.

We can begin to know ourselves AS this awake, aware Presence (which we actually already are) when we let go of the past and future and relax into the present moment.

At the root of all suffering, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is the false belief that we are separate from our Creator and from each other.

Programs include the Transcendental Meditation technique, an advanced meditation practice called the TM-Sidhi program ("Yogic Flying"), an alternative health care program called Maharishi Ayurveda, The TM movement's past and present media endeavors include a publishing company (MUM Press), a television station (KSCI), a radio station (KHOE), and a satellite television channel (Maharishi Channel).

During its 50-year history, its products and services have been offered through a variety of organizations, which are primarily nonprofit and educational.

By the late 2000s, TM had been taught to millions of individuals and the Maharishi was overseeing a large multinational movement.