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Individuals who fail to comply with the notice will be referred to the Chester County District Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution. Judgments are only satisfied upon payment in full of all monies owed.

Probation is a sentencing alternative that does not involve a period of incarceration.

Successful participants can earn a dismissal of the charges and are eligible for expungement of the charges.

Offenders in compliance with the terms and conditions of their supervision may be granted permission to travel outside of the US with the approval of the receiving country, the assigned Parole Officer (PO), the District Attorney’s Office (DA) and a Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge.

The PO will review the case to ensure that the offender is in good standing, requesting travel for a legitimate purpose, and if the purpose of the trip is for vacation that all restitution is paid in full and the offender is in compliance with his/her payment plan for fines and costs.


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