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The pilot sees Tara's disorder played mostly for laughs, an approach that occasionally feels strained and misses opportunities to explore the broader effects of her problem.This is, after all, a serious disease and any suburban mom who gets into a public brawl with her teenaged daughter's boyfriend is sure to suffer more than just morning-after embarrassment.

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Not only can she not be there for her son when he so badly needs a mother, but she (in the guise of Bryce) makes everything so, so much worse.

Every time I thought Bryce had reached a new low (say, trashing Marshall’s room), he found a way to get lower, taunting Neil and Charmaine with the story of how he took a bus ride with Wheels (a move designed to hurt Tara just as much as her sister).

The series finale is set to air on June 20th and is titled “The Good Parts.” What do you think?

Tara’s either too doped to function or at risk of turning into the little monster who made her life into a nightmare in the first place.

Collette has been nominated for three Emmy awards for the role and won in 2009 for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.