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On the streets he is a crowd favorite, but as we see in the piece, when election day arrives in Brazil, Henrique finds even more obstacles to overcome in trying to make history in the Baixada.-- Andrés Cediel Additional reporting: Daniela Broitman.

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Outside of a few new-to-the-scene craft beers (Colorado, Karavelle, etc.), the brews are only good for really hot days…

The AC Milan striker, pictured right, left a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro’s affluent Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood early on Monday with the three prostitutes only to discover they were all men, said Brazilian police. He is back in Rio, his home town, recovering from a serious knee injury.

To mentally prepare you for the affront on your American sensibilities, Thrillist has compiled a list of 16 Brazilian idiosyncrasies that rub Americans the wrong way — including literally rubbing them. Depending on which state you’re in, every encounter begins and ends with one to three cheek kisses. Furthermore, Brazilians use touching like punctuation while engaged in conversation. But they’re definitely a bigger thing in Brazil than most Americans are used to.

They love touching strangers' babies Again with the touching.

New American Media: African 'Americans' in Brazil Melvin Kadiri Barrolle reports on a panel discussion at Howard University in which four Brazilian exchange students explored the issues of race in Brazil, the country with the most people of African descent outside the African continent.