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8/25/69) was arraigned on one count of murder for the incident on Fayston Street, which claimed Morris’ death at Boston Medical Center.

BOSTON, December 14, 2016—The Brighton man accused of speeding drunkenly through the Summer Tunnel, causing a single-vehicle crash that killed 24-year-old Dillon Cohen and severely injured another man, was taken into custody on high bail today, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. BOSTON, December 13, 2016—A Revere man has been convicted of fatally stabbing 50-year-old John Barrientos in his East Boston building and dragging his body into a nearby alley, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F.

BOSTON, November 14, 2016— As the deadline for his grant program nears, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. The program uses funds and assets seized from drug traffickers in order to provide cash awards to non-profits that keep Suffolk County kids away from drugs, gangs, and dangerous behavior. The grand jury yesterday returned indictments charging three people with Burton’s murder and six others with offenses in connection with the fatal attack and attempts to mislead police investigating the homicide. BOSTON, November 3, 2016—A Boston man pleaded guilty yesterday to posing as a lawyer in order to steal more than $30,000 from his victims, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. 28, 2016—Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F.

Davis paid half of that amount at the time of his sentencing, prosecutors said. To my knowledge, this level of transparency in fatal police shootings is unparalleled, and no other district attorney’s office in the country affirmatively releases every report, every interview, every dispatch transmission, and every map and diagram in every case as we do.” BOSTON, Oct. He is expected to face arraignment in Suffolk Superior Court on Nov. Based on their statements, the statements of other witnesses, and additional physical evidence, Boston Police homicide detectives placed him under arrest. 24, 2016— Three people charged in connection with the shootout that killed 28-year-old Allex Bryant faced arraignment today, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F.

21, 2016—The Dorchester man who intentionally drove his car into and killed 20-year-old James A. BOSTON, October 21, 2016— An East Boston man was sentenced to a lengthy prison term this week after a jury convicted him last month of sexually assaulting children, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F.